With God’s help and a lot of support from your team and your church members, you’ve survived the last several weeks. It is yet to be determined the long term impact the pandemic has had on your ministry. As the country begins to take steps to re-open you may be wondering about creating new ministry strategies for a significantly changed world.

We know you want to be a confident and effective leader in ministry. Right now so much of the old way of doing things will not serve you well. You may be wondering how to adapt to what has changed in our world. The Gospel truths remain unchanged – but the strategies to share that important message need to be adapted and transformed. We also know you want to see your church thrive and for ministry to those most in need. That’s where ministry coaching can help. If you haven’t used a coach in the past, now is the time to consider how a coach can help you see the next steps forward. If you have experienced ministry coaching in the past you know how valuable getting this type of help and support can be. 

Adapt & Thrive coaching was created after serving over 1700 churches in 40 years of experience helping Christian leaders across 78 denominations, networks, and associations become more effective at The Great Commission. We know ministry and we can help you and your church adapt and thrive in this new culture and atmosphere. 

There is great potential for the local church – your church – to reach lost people. Many are without hope right now. With clear and consistent strategies and action plans in place, your church can bring hope to those who desperately need it now. 

We make it simple and easy to see results. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form here to get started and speak with a Church Doctor Coach.
  2. Create and implement a Coaching Action Plan with your coach.
  3. Get ongoing accountability and support from your coach.
  4. Start to see your ministry thrive – even in these challenging times.

You deserve more than just surviving in ministry right now. Your ministry can grow and thrive in the midst of the challenge and uncertainty. Ministry coaching can help. God didn’t cause this pandemic. But God can use this AND you to bring hope to those in need right now. As you adapt to the new conditions around us you can thrive and prosper in your Kingdom efforts. We can help you get ready and guide you to what God has in mind next for your church.

Adapt & Thrive Coaching Includes:

One-on-One Coaching
Personalized Action Plans
Leadership Team Support
Staffing Support
Proven Strategies, Easy to Implement